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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Importers On: Kanji Sonomama

Here is just a quick compilation of how all the major online stores describe Kanji Sonomama

YesAsia says:
When it comes to franchises on the Nintendo DS, Kanji Sonomama: DS Rakuhiku Jiten is both a title and a resource like no other! This helpful second installment in the Touch Generations series of Nintendo DS titles broadens the features of the earlier DS Rakubiki Jiten electronic dictionary, amplifying the quality in ways fans of the previous title will appreciate. In this new chapter in the franchise, gamers have the ability to input kanji characters directly by way of the system's stylus. In addition, it also allows for gamers to search for readings and look up definitions.

Furthermore, this unique Nintendo DS title includes as a resource both English to Japanese and Japanese to English dictionaries. And if that wasn't enough, it also sports a special English language listening tutorial with English words pronounced by actual native speakers! As a nice bonus, it also contains a Japanese language quiz game with over seven hundred questions available for users to test their knowledge of the language! Considering all these options, Kanji Sonomama: DS Rakuhiku Jiten will prove to be an immensely helpful resource for language conscious Nintendo DS users on the go!
PlayAsia Says:
Kanji Sonomama is the perfect tool for anyone learning Japanese. I have been learning for about 1 year now and would find it hard to live without. This is a translator. You can write in English and get Japanese or write in Japanese and get English. Example sentences are given in Japanese and English for each word. Hiragana is given for the kanji but only when searched in Japanese. Basic knowledge of kanji stroke order is required. This is one of the best apps on the ds. Far better than buying an electronic dictionary and Cheaper.
PinkGodzilla Says:
A must-have for Japanese language students. Why drop $200-300 on a fancy electronic dictionary when you can have the same funtionality PLUS the ability to input characters by DRAWING them on the touch screen? Other features include: Japanese to English dictionary, English to Japanese dictionary, English pronunciation, search history, quiz mode, word clock and calendar.

PS Like easter eggs? Try looking up 'Manhole' or 'Judge' (in katakana) on your new Sonomama Kanji Dictionary... Game & Watch in the house!

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